Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Know I'm Slow, but Twitter Search Rocks!

Ok, I'm slow. I'll never tweet about being a genius, but no matter how dense this post makes me seem, I had to publish. I'm still new to Twitter, but I figured out today that the search tool rocks! I'm banking that there are a few of my Twitter challenged brothers and sisters out there that might appreciate this clue that I just got.

So back to the point. Twitter search... This is the little form field next to the mini magnifying glass located about half way down the right side of your Twitter page. Don't ask me why I never used it before now, but today was the day. I typed in "Malibu Boats", who I work for, and there they were. Tweets... a bunch of them. And most contained references to Malibu Boats. a few of the results were a little off, but not many. I even found this tweet from 10 days ago.

TylerThurston I love malibu boats! http://twitpic.com/5b1b5 Thanks @TylerThurston!

I know I'm little late, but I replied. What a powerful statement about Malibu Boats and without my Twitter Search epiphany I would have missed it completely. I'm searching everyday from now on. I'm also searching any related terms I can think of like "wakeboard boats", "wakeboards" and "wakeboarding" all in search of more friends for @malibuboats. Check out Twitter's Advanced Search for even more tailored results. @kamimauzy [kah-mi-mah-zee] out!

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